Vegan Versions / Sneaker Wedges

19 Sep

I’m kind of loving the whole sneaker wedge trend right now. Jim always loves to tell me on weekends when we go into Manhattan how I never wear appropriate footwear and should just wear sneakers. We always wind up missing the train because it takes me too long to teeter down the steps to the platform in whatever heels I’m wearing. I don’t usually like wearing flats, because I love the lengthening and slimming effect heels have on my legs. Sneakers would probably make this race a bit easier, but I’m too stubborn to budge.

So the way I view it, sneaker wedges are the perfect answer. Technically they’re sneakers, but the heel is hidden in the wedge so BAM! No more hubby nagging. I’m hoping they are as comfortable as they sound.

I have my picks narrowed down to these vegan versions of the trend. I’m kinda holding out for the studded Delia’s ones above. What do you think?


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