What I Wore / LuckyFABB

13 Sep

LuckyFABB September 2012
{What I’m Wearing: Dress: ASOS; Jacket: Thrifted; Shoes: Target: Bag: Cornelia Guest }

The day of LuckyFABB was so busy I didn’t realize until I was almost ready to leave to go home I had no photos of what I was wearing that day. It was pretty difficult to get clear shots of entire outfits because the event was so packed.  Luckily Alicia grabbed this quick shot of me just prior to us leaving.

As you read this, I’m playing golf while out on a business trip out west.  I hate golf.  Absolutely despise it, but it’s necessary in my line of work.

Good news is on the way back I’m passing through Chicago to visit some friends.  I’m super excited about that.  I finally get to check out this Chicago Diner all the vegans rave about.  If you’re from Chi-Town and have some suggestions on things I should hit up, please let me know!


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