IFB / Links a La Mode

9 Aug

I so excited to announce my Transitioning to a Cruelty Free Wardrobe (originally posted here, cross posted to here later), has been featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers Links a La Mode for the week of August 8th!  I’m beyond stoked about this because IFB members for the most part are not vegan (and not to mention very fond of their designer goods), so to have this specific piece make the list totally made my day!

You can catch my link, along with the other chosen links for the week below.

All Abroad

Edited By Taylor Davies

This weeks links come to you from across the globe! Whether it’s street style at the Olympics in London or personal style on the island of Sicily, or a Japanese print on a sweet summer dress- there’s so much to love from around the world.



Shopbop Pinterest, Youtube, & G+, Cut25, Sale, Save 50%, 70% Off, Elkin, Sea, Arizaga & Stylestalker

If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE.  ~ Jennine

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