Link Love

10 Jun

Link Love

I really enjoy finding great content all over the Internet during my free time. I never really thought to share some of my favorite links until this recently. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite discoveries I’ve come across this week.

  • V over at Grit and Glamour schools us on having good manners.
  • I’m loving Kelsey’s list of go to typefaces on Design for Mankind
  • The most brilliant, quick and healthy lunch idea ever. I’m excited to try this.
  • Budget Babe has a great tutorial on how to make any computer monitor look like an iMac
  • With the brand new McCarren Park Pool opening soon, seeing these images of it in it’s abandoned neglect really puts into prospective how gentrified the neighborhood has become.
  • Holy crap. While I feel bad for this guy’s wife, this is hilarious!
  • This post on Steven King’s top 20 tips for becoming a frighteningly good writer made me immediately add his “On Writing” on my Amazon Wish List.
  • Krisatomic did an fantastic roundup of the best iPhone photo editing apps in the iTunes Store.
  • This one’s an oldie but still as funny as when I first read it, 27 Rules for Conquering the Gym.
  • PCRM now had a VegRun Marathon Training Program. Should I ever suddenly forget how painful marathon training is, I’d for sure consider trying it.
  • Seeing this list of Fab Style Bloggers Over 30 made me feel really great about turning 3-1 next month.
  • What’s been some of your favorite links this week?

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