Wythe Hotel, Vice and Faile

22 May

The new Wythe Hotel in my 'hood.

I can’t believe I went to this event and tool these photos almost a month ago! Time seriously flies. I’ve been so busy lately traveling for work that I’ve had zero time to post and edit photos. Makes me totes sad.

At the Vice Faile Party #vice #faile #wythehotel #williamsburg

The Wythe Hotel very recently opened up in my neighborhood, and a few weeks back they held a party with Vice Magazine to show off the hotel, as well as to showcase some works by the very talented street art collective Faile. Jim and I had a blast, enjoying the free cocktails and making some new friends.

Photo Stream-999

Jim and I both have been trying to make it a point to get out more and go to local events. There are so many in our neighborhood at any given time, it’s a crime for us not to check out at least one a week. It’ll be so much easier for me once I’m not traveling so much and my schedule goes back to normal again.


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