How to Wear Leopard

3 Apr

One of my signature style elements is my use of leopard, and I’ll often hear from my friends “only you could pull that off and still look classy, when I try I look trashy”.  Truth is leopard is a neutral pattern (one of the reasons I love it!) and when worn correctly, anyone can wear it.  Here’s a few quick tips on how to incorporate leopard, or any animal print into your wardrobe.  These same exact tips also apply to cheetah print, which is similar to leopard but has solid spots and not spots with a gradient.


Only wear one leopard item at a time

This is key to looking chic and not trashy. By limiting your pattern to only your bag, shoes, pants, top, dress, coat etc. it makes the pattern more an interesting “pop” within the outfit as opposed to the focus. Leopard is a visually a strong print and demands attention, by keeping it to one item it ensures you wear the leopard, and not the leopard is wearing you.

Day Eighteen 3

Choose your prints and colors carefully.

Not all leopard prints are created equal.  I personally try to stay away from colored prints like hot pink and stick with it the way it comes from nature.  The closer it looks to the pattern on an actual leopard, the better. I’ll sometimes make an exception to this rule when I come across snow leopard prints or even a gray leopard print, but the key is to keep the colors neutral. Be picky with your fabrics and the quality of the piece.  Leopard has a bad wrap as being something a stripper would wear, so don’t pick articles of clothing that are made really poorly.  Stay away from synthetic or flimsy fabrics.  Make sure the item is durable, fits you well, and is in a classic cut.  This will prevent people from thinking your on your en route to work the pole.

Remember leopard is a timeless classic, wear it like one!

Technically leopard is a classic look and is always in style. From being seen as coats on 50’s housewives to 70’s disco, to the grunge kids of the 90’s (where my obsession began), it’s a classic pattern that spans decades. As long as you stick with classic cuts and styles for your tees, blouses, skirts, dresses, pants, coats, jackets and even jeans, these pieces will last you years.

Seeing Red 1

Have fun with it!

Leopard is a fun, visually demanding print so have some fun with it! It doesn’t always have to be worn with black or white, it goes with pretty much any other color or pattern you pair with it. Some of my favorite combos include leopard and classic sailor stripes, the color red, chambray and denim, or even most recently hot pink. There are tons of possibilities to explore so think out of the box.

Own it!

Most importantly with anything you wear, if you love it OWN it. That’s what takes an item or trend you loves and makes it your signature. No matter if it’s currently in style or on trend, if you wear it like you own it none of that will matter, because in the end people don’t always see the clothing, they see YOU in the clothing and if you love it they will too.


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