Clean Program Detox Begins

2 Jan

Camera Roll-525

And the cleanse begins!

Jim and I are repeating the same exact cleanse we did the beginning of 2011. We follow Dr. Junger’s Clean Program. It’s two liquid/puréed meals a day and one solid meal in the afternoon for lunch. All the foods and ingredients you eat follow and elimination diet, so any foods that commonly cause allergies are cut out. You’re also supposed to drink a ton of water to flush the toxins out of your system. The program lasts 21 days, which sounds insane but really isn’t that bad once you try it.

This year should be interesting since I have to travel to the CES show in Vegas next week for work for several days, so it’ll be a challenge for me sticking to it but I am confident I will. I’ve already scouted out that there’s a juice bar in the Whole Foods down the street from my hotel, so I think I’ll be good to go.

Like I did last year, I plan on keeping an online journal of how I feel each of the 21 days. If you are completing a new years detox too, let me know! It’s a lot easier to get through these things when you have support.

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