Intermix Fur Protest

18 Nov

One of my very first clothing memories from my childhood is when I received a fur coat for Christmas.  I must have been 5 years old.  I remember loving how soft and cuddly it was.  While wearing it out to our holiday dinner, I remember my mother mentioning to someone “What do you think of Corrie’s rabbit coat?” and I was horrified.  It was a rabbit?!  But I love rabbits!  Every since that day, I can’t even touch real fur without wanting to vomit.

I really try not to preach on my blog about my veganism, so I’m going to spare everyone the lecture.  If you’re truly interested in knowing how where your fur comes from, click this link.  It’s the most grotesque and cruel thing imaginable.  What really grinds my gears when it comes to fur is it’s 100% not necessary.  The most disturbing part of this is most fur is mis-labled as to it’s original source.  So you could be wearing dog and not even know it (not that there should be a difference between dog and another animal, but that’s another discussion).  There are so many fashionable choices out there that have the same look and feel without the cruelty.  Not to mention many well known fashion designers now recognize this and no longer design using the real thing.

Intermix is one of the most well regarded fashion chains in the country, and they still sell real fur.  There’s currently a nationwide campaign going to convince Intermix not to carry fur, which could potentially help diminish demand and save hundreds of thousands of animals pain and suffering.  Intermix is a trend setter in the fashion world, so by taking this step it could make a huge impact, so folks are working hard trying to make this happen.

Tomorrow afternoon between 12 and 2 pm, a group of activists including myself will be protesting outside of Intermix’s Soho, NYC store in an attempt to let their management know faux is fashionable and there is no need to sell real fur.  If you agree fur is antiquated and are available to help, please join us!  If you live in other parts of the country, follow the nationwide campaign’s Facebook page for updates on when protests in your area will happen, or sign the petition.

I vow not to purchase anything at Intermix until they stop carrying fur.  Will you vow not to too?

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