Appreciation Meditation

27 Oct

Re-heeled shoes Jim dropped off for me

After having an amazingly frustrating day (updating to iCloud FAIL, my calendar, tasks and contacts all got wiped out), in an attempt to try to calm down a bit I decided to take a moment to think about things I should be thankful for.  It’s my attempt to not be so negative all the time.  First thing that came to mind is how Jim has been amazing lately helping me out with random stuff and just all around being awesome, including…

  • Taking my shoes to the cobbler to be re-heeled.
  • Dropping our laundry and dry cleaning off at the wash and fold.
  • Picking up stuff at the grocery store I needed for recipes but forgot when I shopped earlier this week.
  • Selling our Barcelona chair we didn’t have room for and replacing it with a sweet Saarinen style end table.
  • Taking Portia out for a long walk with his morning coffee every day to tucker her out.
  • Setting us up to take a screen printing class we bought a Groupon for that we’ve been putting off for a few months.

I appreciate him helping out so much, I just had to share. Considering there hasn’t been enough hours in the day for either of us to get done what we want to accomplish, it shows how amazing he is he found time to help me (us for that matter) out with this stuff. Thanks babe!


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