30 for 30 Challenge / Summer 2011 Recap

8 Oct

It seems like it’s taken me all damn summer and into the first few days of fall to get this challenge up, but I’m proud to say I’m officially done!  Here’s the final post with all thirty outfits.  Enjoy!

Day One 1Day TwoDay Four Display- 1Day Five- DisplayDay 6 DisplayDay Seven 1- DisplayDay 8-1 DisplayDay Nine 1-DisplayDay Ten 1-DisplayDay Eleven 1-DisplayDay Twelve 1-DisplayDay Thirteen 1-DisplayDay Fourteen 1- DisplayDay Fifteen 1-DisplayDay Sixteen 1- DisplayDay Seventeen 1- DisplayDay Eighteen 1-DisplayDay Nineteen 1- DisplayDay Twenty 1- DisplayDay Twenty One 1- DisplayDay 22 1- DisplayDay 23 1- DisplayDay Twenty Four 1 DisplayDay Twenty Five 1 DisplayChambrayDay-DisplayStripeOut--DisplayAlmost Done 1- DisplayGrand Finale 1- Display


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  1. 2011 Year in Review « Brooklyn Bliss - December 31, 2011

    […] did the 30 for 30 challenge twice. Once was in the winter, and once in the summer. Looking back at all the photos, it’s a night and day difference between the two challenges. […]

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