Guest Post / Vintage Vagrant

17 Sep

Today I’m super excited for two reasons. First is the main reason I’m in Miami today, the wedding of two of my friends of which I’m so honored to be a part of! They are the most adorable couple ever, and Miami has been the perfect location so far for their festivities considering what fun people they are to be around. Jim and I both have had such a great time while here.

I’m also excited today to pass off ownership of my blog for the day to Gabby, who blogs over at Vintage Vagrant. Gabby is another vegan fashion blogger with a love of all things vintage and thrifted. Take it away, Gabby!

Hello everyone! My name is Gabby and I blog over at Vintage Vagrant where I talk about personal style, crafty things, vegan things, and my love of pugs. Corrie has left her wonderful blog in my hands while she’s on vacation so let’s become blog friends!

One thing to know about me is that I’m all for personal style. Whether it’s on trend or “totally last season” if you love it you should wear it! Fittingly, I’ve done an outfit post to introduce you to my style. Right now I’m in the midst of a summer boycott so I’ve taken to wearing sweaters and tights in hoping that the fall weather will hurry up and get here. I live in Virginia so the temperature still averages about 85 degrees on a breezy day. As part of my summer boycott I’ve worn a heather grey sweater (thrifted) over a floral romper (also thrifted) with knee socks under ankle socks, under my favorite pair of oxfords from urban outfitters. Hopefully the gods of cooler weather will get the memo.

Make sure to pop by my blog and say hello!

One Response to “Guest Post / Vintage Vagrant”

  1. Jennifer September 17, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Love the outfit! Jen xoxo

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