Jetsetting to Miami

16 Jul

I am beyond excited! My husband and I finally booked our upcoming trip to Miami Beach! Friends of ours are getting married there in September and since I’ve never been, we’re making a week-long vacation out of it.

We have had the most difficult time deciding on a hotel to stay at for our visit. We typically like our hotels to have more modern appearing interiors and amenities. But on this vacation, location was important to us as well. We wanted to be fairly close to the Art Deco district, close to the beach, and not too close to the craziness of the night club scene.

When a deal came up on Jetsetter for the Betsy Hotel, we immediately made our decision. Perfect location, great reviews on TripAdvisor and right on the beach. We’re so excited!

Have you been to Miami? If so please let me know what you recommend to go do and see! We’re looking for suggestions.

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