Vegan Versions / PS1 Bag

30 Mar

image source:

The fashion blogoshere was all a buzz this past week about Target’s Mossimo brand selling a bag that looks eerily similar to the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag and Proenza Schouler being ticked off about it. The bags do look pretty similar. In the image above the Target one is on top and the real PS1 is on the bottom. I’ve always really liked the PS1 bag but wouldn’t buy one for obvious reasons (ummm… it’s made of leather).

Timing on this story breaking kinda made me laugh because I just over the past few weeks I had been looking online for a non-leather, similar version and came across the Target one but just hadn’t gotten around to buying it. While discussing the NY Magazine story with my husband this weekend over coffee, he said I should get it just because of all the controversy. I hadn’t even told him my original plans to get one. Who am I to argue with him, right?

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