Daily Day

12 Mar

Thursday this past week I took a half day off from work.  My hubby planned a fun day for us in the city, complete with seeing a live taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a movie preview screening, and a nice dinner at my favorite NYC restaurant, Blossom.

Due to the crappy weather I decided to travel sans camera and instead take photos with my iPhone.  My intent was to take a photo an hour to document the day but looking back at the images now I seemed to have forgotten a few hours.  Here’s some of what I was able to document throughout the day.

Spreadsheet Stuff

Reconciling boring payment spreadsheets at the office.


Driving home at 12 pm (most awesome feeling ever!)

Glowing Ball

A weird dayglo ball we saw at Rite Aid while purchasing Hubby an umbrella. It was POURING!

Buddha Street Art

Some really cool Buddha street art we spotted on the walk to the studio.

Daily Show

The Daily Show Studios

Daily Show Line

Waiting on line at the Daily Show. We were some of the first people there, it got crazy a few hours later.

Me Hugging Hubby

Me hugging my hubby (he doesn't like having his photo taken).

Cranky Me

Me super cranky after getting frizzy hair while waiting outside in the rain for 3 hours to get into the Daily Show.


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