Clean Detox Week Three Recap

11 Mar

Urban Vegan Easy Cream of Broccoli Soup

February 28th- Day 15: All in all, it was a good day. I had an all-day meeting at the office, of which I had lots of energy for and wasn’t really hungry all day. I was starting to get somewhat stressed due to being a bit behind at work and having over 100 emails pile up while in my meeting. In the evening I made a delicious curried cream of cauliflower soup for us to eat the next few days. I took advantage of a free hour before bed to catch up on all those emails and voila! Stress was gone!

 March 1st- Day 16: Got great sleep the night prior and for the first time ever I decided to meditate for 5 minutes in the morning. That five minutes worked wonders throughout my day. There were several instances where I’d normally allow myself to get really upset and pissed off (at an employee who’s pompous and disrespectful) but I immediately just let it go and got on with my day. My workout in the evening was tough, I was pretty tired. I had a personal training session and my arms just were giving out so we instead focused on my legs and abs. I was just burnt out. After getting home afterwards I was starving, and I did cave and eat three Oreos. They’re one of my favorite cookies and they were delicious! My husband had caved the day prior and said he could no longer stomach Oreos that they smelled like sulfur (what?). I thought they were fine. I can see though why these sorts of foods are bad though because you can’t just stop at one. I’m looking forward to after this cleanse keeping to these principles and only allowing a single cheat day a week to load up on crap, not that it derails all the hard work I’ve done both working out as well as on this cleanse the past few months.

March 2nd, Day 17: All in all I was really focused and productive all day. I had more energy than I’d had in a while and after work put in a great 3 mile interval run at the gym. Little did I know when I got home afterwards I’d near pass out from exhaustion. This whole working out and then not eating enough after is really starting to get to me.

March 3rd, Day 18: Pretty much the same as yesterday with the exception that I had the day off from the gym so I didn’t crash after work. For our soup dinner I made this off the hook vegan cream of broccoli soup and it was so delicious I had two bowls. Yum.

March 4th, Day 19: Everything went well again today until sure enough after the gym. I had bootcamp class tonight and my trainer was a bit jump rope happy so we jumped probably a total of 20 minutes throughout the class. I really crashed when I got home. I was a full-out zombie. I called it a night at around 9 pm. Lame-o.

March 5th, Day 20: Today was a tough day. Jim and I were both cranky and I accidentally bought us veggie sushi with WHITE rice when we should have had brown rice. I totally spaced out when ordering it. We ate it anyway and immediately felt the effects, we crashed hard and were tired. We muscled through and headed out to the Armory Show for a few hours. With all the walking around we worked up quite the appetite. We initially were ready to just cave and end the cleanse right there and then and just order sandwiches from ‘Wichcraft, but we were good and got primarily clean meals. The only exceptions were it was a solid meal (which normally in the evening is a no-no and the only salad option I could get already had cheese on it I had to try to pick around. Though I’m glad we’re sticking through to our last day tomorrow, at the same time I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s been hard to sustain my workouts on this plan. Tomorrow I have to run 7 miles and I’m hoping I make it through it ok.

March 6th, Day 21 (Last Day, Yay!!!) The entire cleanse both the hubby and I have been naturally waking up really early, so we were up at 8 am this morning.  On a usual weekend morning we’d be up around 10 am.  So I make our smoothies and we relax a little, and then I jump into a project (cleaning out my wardrobe) and keep going until around 3.  I made sure I made us some lunch (gluten-free rice pasta with broccoli rabe and beans, yum!) so I had some good carbs in my system prior to my run.  It was pouring and I had to run 7 miles.  Not only did I run, but I made great time and did well.  As a surprise, while I was out running my hubby ran out to our local vegan bakery and picked us up some cupcakes and other goodies to celebrate the end of the cleanse.  Let’s just say we didn’t make it through the night, and we ended up having our celebratory meal tonight instead of tomorrow.  I’m really glad we had it tonight, because let me tell you we both felt like CRAP after.  Like straight up sick.  All we had was some pizza.  It was pretty horrible.  We both agreed we’re going to continue with the cleanse the next few days and then just transition to eating healthier fare instead of eating crap right away.

Stay tuned for my recap on what I took away from this overall cleanse and our end results!

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