Vegan Versions / Faux Shearling Jacket

9 Mar

Lately I’ve been pinning inspiration images onto Pintrest like I’m heading to the chair.  Most of what I’ve been pinning lately is fashion related, and there was a wealth of great stuff on the net with the recent completion of Fashion Week.

One image that I pinned that I loved is this one.


This girl totally oozes coolness and makes me jelly (my hubby’s term for jealous).  And I LOVE her jacket! Or is it a vest over a jacket?  Who cares?  It looks totally badass!   The leather sleeves are totally bitchin’ and I love the fluffiness and texture of the shearling.  Not the most vegan friendly outfit though, is it?

After finding this image I happened across an awesome jacket with similar, pleather sleeves at a thrift store. 

It wasn’t a shearling jacket, but damn it’s cool.  Oh yeah and it’s worth $275 but I got it for $5.  Heck yeah!

Since I got my pleather sleeve fix I then wanted to keep an eye out for similar, vegan shearling coats and or vests.  Being the end of the winter, I should be able to find some good deals.  I’m also going to keep an eye out at my local thrift/consignment shops as well being stuff like that pops up all the time.  In particular I think I’m going to keep my eye out for more of a vest.  In the meanwhile here’s a few options from stores I’m considering, the top being the one I like the best.


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