Clean Detox Week Two Recap

1 Mar

What I've been living on for the past two weeks.

Day 8- February 21st: I woke up in a great mood. Had my smoothie, went to work. Throughly enjoyed my solid meal (brown rice pad thai noodles stir fried with cabbage, broccoli and seasonings, yum!). Overall I must have had a lot of energy because my day flew by, before I knew it, it was 5 o’clock. I was getting ready to leave and I receive a phone call asking “when I’ll be joining the conference call?”. WTF. I didn’t know about any conference call, especially an after hours one (they sent the request the week prior to the wrong email address)! Long story short I get sucked into a conference call that should have been 30 minutes, but instead was over an hour. By the time I got out of work, I was pissed. Super Ms. Crankypants. Then by the time I made our soup for dinner and our lunch for the next day, it was almost 9pm. I passed out shortly after, exhausted. So much for all that energy.

Day 9- February 22nd: I woke up in a good mood after having the most solid nights sleep I’ve had in a while. Had some super weird dreams of which I don’t really remember, but supposedly that’s normal on this program. Had my smoothie, which I didn’t really like compared to other recipes I’ve made and came to work. Around 9am I just crashed. Totally exhausted, it was difficult to focus and be productive. Thank goodness my energy improved vastly after my lentil and rice lunch. The latter part of my day I got a bunch of stuff done at work. After getting home at a decent time I reheated our leftover soup from the night before and actually had some time to relax before going to the gym for some cardio and a personal trainer session. Let’s just say I slept really well after all that.

Day 10- February 23rd: Pretty much had the same morning as yesterday. Had great sleep, got to work and crashed. Got nothing done.  That’s when it got worse.  I got REALLY cranky.  Like unbelievably cranky.  So cranky I was aware of it and made sure I didn’t actually speak to anyone I worked with, that instead I just sent instant messages or emails for fear of being rude to anyone.  I was also craving snack food like crazy.  Especially chips.   I was supposed to run 5 miles after work and decided my time was better spent at home being cranky in my PJ’s watching a movie,which never happened anyway, I had to make more soup AND more lunch for this week.  I didn’t get to sit down until 9pm. 

Look at me all serious playing poker.

Day 11- February 24th:  I felt much, much better today.  I didn’t want to wake up, but once I was up and showered and on my way to work I felt great.  I had lots of energy once again and had a more than productive day at work.  My crazy cravings also went away.  In fact, I had a difficult time even finishing my lunch.  Weird.  The workday went fast and I went home, scarfed down some soup and headed out to the Urban Girl Squad Casino Event, which was a blast but also a challenge.  All I could drink was water and I couldn’t have any finger foods.  Boo! I managed to get through it and  got home at a decent time and off to bed.

Day 12- February 25th:  All in all my moods in the morning and energy level have remained pretty consistent, or so I thought.  I had a freak out today where I totally unloaded on the hubby and said some pretty mean and crazy things.  Detox apparently has my head all wacky and stressed out and stuff (I think primarily due to being a bit behind at work.  Good news is I haven’t been overly tired or hungry so at least that’s good.

Day 13- February 26th:  I woke up early today and went to yoga, and then afterwards met up with a friend in the city for a day of thrifting.  We ate lunch using a Groupon I had to the V-Note.  They had a gluten-free menu but all in all the only options I really had was salad.  So I had a salad, sweet potato fries and a juice and it kept me going all day.  I got some amazing stuff while out!

 Day 14- February 27th: This morning I had to do a 6 mile run to remain on schedule for my half marathon in April and the run sucked compared to last week.  I was so tired I pretty much walked the last two miles.  After I spent the rest of the afternoon thrifting again and didn’t get home until around 5 pm.  I then still had to do the meal plan for our last week (yay!!), grocery shop, and get into my jammies to watch the Oscars!  One thing that was really tough was not having any snacks to nosh on during the show.  Instead the hubby and I drank lots of tea, knowing that week two was finally in the bag…

Onto week three, the FINAL week!

2 Responses to “Clean Detox Week Two Recap”

  1. germanymarie March 2, 2011 at 7:24 am #

    I might have missed the post about it, but is this an exclusion cleanse to find out if you have food allergies? I’m trying to understand why you’re allowed to eat GF as the solid options. And based on Jim’s update the other day, it seems like you’re also rewiring you bodies/quitting bad shit for you, like processed sugars.

    • Corrie March 2, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

      We’re doing the Clean 21 Day Detox Program. Basically the program consists of two liquid meals a day (usually a smoothie/juice for breakfast and blended soup for dinner) and one solid meal for lunch. The ingredients on the overall program that are allowed follow elimination diet principles. Theory is that the less energy your body has to put towards digesting food your body finds hard to digest, the easier it’ll be for your body to detox. Then after the program is completed, it’s easy to once again add in these foods and determine if you have any hidden allergies/intolerances that you weren’t aware of.

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