I’m a Bad, Bad Blogger

2 Feb

Me trying to be a badass and failing miserably.

So I’ve been totally MIA for almost two months now.  Mostly because I’ve been busy because….

I finally feel better!!

After almost four months of being sick the end of 2010, I finally started to feel like myself again.  Go figure maybe two days after I noticed I was genuinely feeling better than I got the official diagnosis from my doctor that I tested positive for mono.  Come on!  Not only did my doctors not catch that I had an ailment usually only kids in high school get, but they didn’t catch it for FOUR MONTHS!  This is one of the many reasons why I don’t really like going to doctors, they only guess and never get it right anyway.

Feeling better, over the past month and a half I’ve….

  • Had an Epic New Years Eve!   We got all glammed up and spent it at the Soho Grand New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball, it was a blast!
  • Gotten reorganized.  I’ve set up my goals for 2011 (which is material for another post), been slowly reorganizing my apartment, and totally streamlined my work office and task system.  I’ve even gotten back into my weekly menu planning and grocery shopping.  I’m back on the ball.
  • I’ve 100% given up caffeine and LOVE it.  I’m way more focused without it.
  • I’ve become a gym rat.  I started working with a personal trainer as well as started training for another half marathon.  I feel amazing and my butt is starting to look crazy awesome from all the damn squats I’ve been doing.

I’ve also got some stuff I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone on the blog, including:

  • Being a blogger participant for Kendi’s Winter 30 for 30 Challenge I never got around to posting all my 30 for 30 challenge photos from December, so I’ll instead be posting them through February as part of the group online challenge.
  • More outfit photos.  Coming soon once I can take better photos either indoors or outside.  It’s been a snow hell out there lately, hard to take photos worth caring about.
  • Sharing my workout/half marathon training efforts.
  • Sharing my planned February 14th start of the Clean Program.  I’ve been wanting to do a detox plan for a while and finally have it penciled in.

Hells yeah, 2011 is going to rock!

2 Responses to “I’m a Bad, Bad Blogger”

  1. germanymarie February 2, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    yay you’re back!!! ❤

  2. Vegan Snorkeler February 12, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Great blogging goals! I loved the Clean Program, let me know if you have questions about it as you go.

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