I Wanna Stay in My Jammies!

5 Dec

{Chambray Shirt, Old Navy; Leggings, Forever 21; Oxfords, Target; Coat and Scarf, Gifted}

Last night when I had gotten home from the holiday party I realized all my pajama’s were at the laundromat for wash and fold service.  So I raided my husbands PJ’s and my god they are the most comfortable PJ’s ever.  Way jealous.

This morning I woke up a wee bit hung over and tired and had no desire to get out of these fabulous jammies.  But alas, my laundry was waiting down the street at the laundromat to be picked up and I needed to pick up a few small items at the grocery store next store to make lunch, so I had to go outside.  Since I’m such a dedicated individual, instead of keeping the jammies on (which I usually have no qualms doing) I threw on some of my 30 for 30 items, ran my two quick errands, came home and promptly got back in the jammies.

I’m resting up because I have a 3 day business trip out to Denver this week.  And that reminds me I still have to pack.  This 30 for 30 thing should be interesting to see what I come up with that’s appropriate for the trip.

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