Yet Another Bag

8 Nov

While running all over the city with my husband during our Anniversary “Staycation”, my Alloy satchel I mentioned in this post decided to quit on me in the middle of the cross walk on 8th Avenue.  The strap just completely disintegrated, and my bag and a bunch of my stuff in it tumbled onto the street just as the warning sign on the cross walk begin to flash.  Not a fun experience. 

I had purchased the bag the beginning of the season to function as my main bag to take to work as well as to use on weekends.  Now that I was down a work bag and had sold all my old leather (yuck) ones, I suddenly found myself in the market for yet another bag.

I didn’t want to make the mistake to buy another flimsy, plastic looking faux leather bag.  That stupid black bag was still around $40, which isn’t super cheap.  I decided my next one would be more of an investment so it lasts longer.  So instead of purchasing one right away, I decided to wait a bit and keep an eye out.  I’m glad I did, because I eventually received an eNewsletter from that featured the Almira bag,  a beautiful bag that just so happened to be vegan.

It was similar to the bag I just broke in that it’s a satchel, but it also includes a strap so you can also wear it cross body.  I also liked that the bag was designed to expand, which makes it super versatile.  The bag wasn’t cheap though.  It’s $96.50 before shipping.  The email had featured a promo code which would bring the bag down to around $80 or so.  Reminding myself I was going to quality this time around, I bit the bullet and purchased it in gray.

When the bag arrived I initially panicked I chose the wrong color.  I mean, gray?  What was I thinking?  I don’t wear anything that’s gray!  I didn’t choose black because all I wear is black and brown just isn’t my thing.  Did I make the wrong decision?  I only wear black should I have just gotten the black bag?  And not only that, if I did make the wrong decision it would be an expensive one to boot!

Ultimately the color is absolutely perfect and looks great with everything in my wardrobe.  Gray is a neutral after all.  Looks great with black or brown.  The bag is really solidly well made, professional looking, and can easily be dressed up or down. 

Hopefully I won’t need to buy another bag for a while now.


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