Random Style Thoughts

20 Oct

I'm addicted to animal print

Documenting my style evolution and outfit selections on this blog so far has been very useful in helping me to identify my actual, personal style.  Truth is I never really in my adult life considered myself as having one at all.  It’s allowed me to do and realize a few things.

  • I don’t think I’ve worn the same thing twice since I started the blog. That’s a HUGE departure for me.  I used to have my same boring go to ensembles and having this blog has really encouraged me to be more creative and frankly give a crap about the way I look.
  • I have a lot of jewelry, but jewelry just isn’t me. I’ve always had issues choosing jewelry and styling it with what I’m wearing.  I have difficulty finding pieces of jewelry I absolutely love.  So when I wear it, it just doesn’t do it for me and I think I look silly.  Like I’m trying to hard.  I wish I could wear jewelry like Kelly the Glamorai (whose style I adore) but it’s just not me.  So you won’t see any on me besides my wedding rings in the next coming weeks.
  • I really hate wearing color. I love neutrals, including blacks, grays, navy, white, and brown.  As far as patterns go I’ve always loved stripes, dots, or animal print (all of which are kinda neutral).  It’s funny watching how the outfits I post that I personally love the most are all neutral palettes.  At most I’ll include a single, small pop of color, like my hot pink pumps.
  • I LOVE animal print.  Like, really love it.  It’s a problem.  I’m 99% sure it’s genetic and just the Italian American side of me wanting to be gaudy and flamboyant.  I just happen to be lucky it’s totally in vogue right now.  I could totally kick myself though.  Prior to the magazines suddenly declaring it a trend, I had this great faux fur leopard print coat I loved but my hubby always thought was too “loud”.  So taking his opinion to heart, I gave it away at the Score Swap Meet.  I had it all wrapped up in a trash bag along with a bunch of other coats and I just so happened to be walking past the volunteers as they opened my bag.  A fight between the female volunteers immediately broke out over the jacket.  I totally had regretted giving the jacket away at that moment, but now even more so that I see practically the same exact jacket in every magazine I open.
  • My celebrity style icon is Kate Moss. Reading other gals fashion blogs everyone talks about who their closest celebrity style icon is to their own personal style.  Putting all the above together, as well as looking at my own personal inspiration image journal it’s pretty obvious to me Kate Moss’s style is closest to my own preferences.  Her wardrobe is also very neutral and includes a lot of animal print.  I also notice she styles a lot of similarly to the way I do, like wearing a biker jacket with an evening dress.   I’ve probably found this most interesting of all because considering the fashion icon she is, I never in a million years would be able to identify my own style being similar to hers without documenting everything on this blog.
  • The stuff I choose and love now is not that different from the stuff I chose and loved in junior high and high school. This one was the weird one for me.  It’s like I’m digressing but I’m not because my choices now are much more grown up and polished.  Truth though is I was actually way more interested in what I wore in high school and made way more of an effort back then.  I also was one to just wear what I liked and not really care what everyone else was wearing.  It’s been pretty liberating getting myself back to this way of thinking.  I remember I went through this phase where I refused to wear jeans and would only wear unique pants.  I had paisley pants, animal print pants, vinyl pants, and my favorite (which I wish I still had!) vintage neon pink high-waisted bell bottoms.  I wore a ton of vintage stuff back then.  I also realize now back then I was way ahead of trends.  I was rocking knee-high boots, which at the time were super hard to find in junior high in the early 90’s.  All my favorite jackets were faux fur.  One in particular that sticks out in my mind was bright red too.  I was way hipper back then than I am now, but I feel like I’m finally getting back to my old self.

I’m sure this definition of my own style is subject to change as a go along, but it’s fun to be able to identify my personal style today the way it is.  I look forward to seeing how it may change as I blog along.

Have you had an “aha” moment in regards to your own style?  How do you define your personal style?

One Response to “Random Style Thoughts”

  1. Gina October 20, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    Here are mine for you:
    ~ I really just don’t like/don’t feel like bothering with brown/earth tones. This in part comes from growing up without a lot of money and realizing early on that my parents wouldn’t be able to afford shoes/accessories for me in both black AND brown (since in the 90’s mixing was NOT kosher), so I defaulted to black because it could multi-task into formal if needed.

    ~ because of this, my favorite tone/color to wear has always been grey. All shades of it, leaning towards blues when the option arises. But never greens or browns.

    ~ I only buy something if I can match it with at least 2-3 other things in my closet, off the top of my head while in the store.

    ~ I keep buying the same stuff. There are some things that I replace unknowingly while looking for something ‘new’. I have to be careful of this. Especially with things that are grey:)

    ~ I also prefer my jewelry to multi-task. Because in the same way that I couldn’t have both brown and black as a child, there wasn’t a lot available for jewelry. I learned frugality at an early age and even my most recent frivolous ex couldn’t break me of it. Especially after having a home break-in, I don’t like to have too many valuable things laying around.

    ~ I have no idea who my celebrity style icon is or how to go about finding out 🙂

    ~ My favorite patterns are herringbone and houndstooth. Always.


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