Dead Kennedys

18 Oct

After a long day at work today, my husband and I headed to the city to Irving Plaza to see the Dead Kennedys show. Hubby is a long time fan of the group, and it was fun getting to see them live with him.

One thing I didn’t get was this chick. She must have been dating the frontman of the opening band (some unmemorable punk group from Philly) and through their entire set stood not even three feet from him in plain sight holding a flip camcorder or something in his face. It was so obnoxious and distracting. Initially I thought maybe she didn’t know everyone could see her but then she freaking waved at the crowd. Weird.

After the show we grabbed a quick burrito at Taco Bell and hopped back on the L train home.

This photo is my first photo showing off my new bangs. Ok I know I seem to change them all the time but this time it’s pretty different. I’m gonna rock the blunt cut bangs for a while. My hubby loves them as do I.

What I’m Wearing
Tank: Love Brigade
Jeans: Mavi
Moto Jacket: Target
Boots: Payless (last season)
Chain Purse/Clutch: Alloy

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