Stripes and Stuff

5 Aug

I have been absolutely loving this striped dress this summer and wearing it pretty much weekly.  This is the first chance I’ve really had to photograph it being I usually throw this dress on when I have absolutely no time to get ready being it’s a really simple, go to piece that allows me to look put together in about two seconds flat. 

Funny thing is I really haven’t taken advantage of this until this summer.  I’ve owned this dress for around two years at this point and only this summer have really seen the potential in it.  Go figure.

Most of the summer I had been styling the dress with my clogs and these turquoise disc earrings I scored at the local Duane Reade.  Today though I wanted to change things up and decided to try belting the dress with a new turquoise belt I received from the hubby for my birthday.  Wasn’t sure how this dress would work belted, being it’s already cut to be pretty fitted but I love the overall look!

What’s been your go to, easy outfit this summer?

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Old Navy
Clogs: Qupid
Belt: Love Brigade
Cardigan: Elle for Kohl’s

One Response to “Stripes and Stuff”

  1. Gina August 7, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    THAT is an awesome dress!
    My go-to has been a 2-dress layer set from EDC: the top layer is black with an asymmetrical hem, the lower layer is turquoise and SUPER fitted. LOVE! However: the grey mini (with pockets) is definitely a runner up, since I can belt it and top it with anything.

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