22 Jul


Day One:

After a great trip to Philly with the hubby, my trip to Idaho begins like this:

My alarm goes off at 6:30 am. It was supposed to go off at 5:30 am. Oh and did I mention I’m supposed to be at the airport at 6:50 am?

My hubby drops me off at the airport at the terminal I tell him I need to go to and we arrive at 7 am by some miracle. Thank god I live only 10 minutes away from LaGuardia. After he drives off I realize I’m at the wrong terminal! Ooooops!

I run/walk in the sweltering and oppressive NYC heat to the correct terminal and miraculously get there right as they are boarding. Phew.

We sit on the tarmac for 15 minutes, then thirty. Then the pilot comes on the intercom and announces we are delayed indefinitely due to thunderstorms. Looking out the window it’s not even raining. WTF?

An hour and a half later we finally take off and land in Denver just as our connecting flight to Idaho takes off. Whoops! Missed the connection so guess what? I get to sit at the airport for another 3 and a half hours to catch the next and only flight to Idaho Falls, and in the process miss the first scheduled meeting. While waiting for the next flight I pick up a copy of the mist recent Shape Magazine and while flipping through it do a double take when I see this page:

I totally forgot I was being quoted in this issue! One of my friends is an editor over there and had told me my quote was appearing in August but I totally forgot. This perked me up slightly during this awful commute.

Oh yeah and then after we board for Idaho we sit on the tarmac again! For 40 minutes. Due to what? You guessed it! Non-visible thunder storms.

We finally get there in time to meet up with the group to all ride together to the resort in Teton Springs. We arrive, grab some dinner (my hosts at the event were super awesome in arranging for me to get vegan meals everywhere we went) and finally get some sleep. I think I went to bed around 11 pm MT which equates to 1 am my time. Long freaking day.

Day Two:

Today is golf day. I wake up all excited to wear the cheesy golf outfit I put together for myself and realize the shirt I want to wear is so not practical. I can’t move in it never mind swing a club. I luckily packed one of my “work” logo polo shirts that I hate, but hey at least I knew I’d be more comfy in that playing golf all day than the white button down I was going to wear.

Breakfast to start, then the main meeting of the trip (that overall went really well) and then it was time to golf. Take in mind I’ve never played golf a day in my life and here I am playing being the only woman in a huge group of around 15-20 men. I took a lesson a few weeks ago and hit the ball pretty well, but realize it’s different on the course. So I was a bit nervous.

Then to make me even more nervous, totally by chance as they draw teams I’m teamed up with the co-founder of the fortune 200 company my company (which is quite a bit smaller) works with. I don’t want to name which company it is but I can tell you it’s a large, nationwide TV programming provider. So not only am I teamed up with the co-founder but he’s a crazy serious and avid golfer. And I’ve never played a day in my life. *Gulp*

So we head out to play and overall I don’t play badly, and not to mention the said co-owner was totally cool and giving me tips and lessons the whole day. That part if the day went great and I had fun, which is most important.

My frustration of the day was I had no idea how long golf takes to play and did not prepare accordingly. I tan very easy and usually if I’m in a situation where I’m not at a beach and half-naked, I’ll wear a high SPF just so I don’t get noticeable tan lines. I forgot my sunscreen and therefore got the worst farmer’s tan evar!

After a quick dinner the “boys” were all gambling either via poker or making bets on who could drive a golf ball the furthest, so I decided to retreat back to my suite and check out the awesome jacuzzi tub in my room and get a good nights sleep. The next day we’re fishing on some river an I wanted to be well rested to avoid being to cranky for it.

Day Three:

I was soooo glad I packed my denim jacket and a scarf along with several items to layer, because it was coooooold out this morning! It was about 50 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms. And the activity scheduled for today is freaking fly fishing. Great.

So we get to the boat launch area and I realize I’m soooo not dressed correctly for fishing. My denim jacket is a bit too tailored and who the hell wears a straw fedora out on the river? Luckily my fishing partner, who’s from Tampa is dressed just as inappropriately as me in a near fluorescent yellow jacket. We both joke that we’ll probably catch the most fish out of the group because from below the surface we seem like less of a threat to the fish not being dressed like the local fishermen. Our group aptly teases us and calls us the “city slicker” boat.

We’re not on the water for more than 15 minutes and lo and behold a crazy thunderstorm hits. It seems they’re following me everywhere I go on this trip. Thank god our hosts provided us with some ponchos though they didn’t help much when it came to keeping us warm in the 50 degree temperature. So I pulled my arms inside the poncho to keep warm. That worked well until it was time to dock for lunch. I stood up on the boat with my arms still inside and totally lost my balance, resulting in my splitting my kneecap open in the sharp edge of the bench seat in front of me. What’s a business trip nowadays without me injuring myself. (Authors Note: last business trip I went on I fell off a stage after hours while doing karaoke and fractured my foot. Ooooops!)

We stopped at this gorgeous waterfall, popped open a few beers and enjoyed the scenery.

When our fishing trip was finally complete we traveled to a hotel closer to the airport, then took much-anticipated showers and got ready for dinner. I threw on something quick, a dress with a belt, denim jacket and heels, and ran out to dinner down the block.

When we arrived at the restaurant I received the most awesome compliment ever. The hostess while escorting us to our table says:

“Your outfit is so cute! We don’t see much fashion here in Idaho Falls”

I’m officially the fashionable city girl. Go me!

Day Four:

Flight to Denver takes of as scheduled at 7:50 am and lands at its scheduled time. Despite the 100 something boy scouts on my flight (who were really well-behaved) I return to NYC with hardly any drama, go home and catch up with the NJ Housewives on my DVR. Felt good to be back home.

(Note: I’ll continue to add photos to this post as I receive them from the rest of my travel group)

Have you ever had to travel somewhere you wouldn’t have chosen to travel to and felt totally out of your element?


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