14 Jun

What better inaugural post than a recap of my staycation?  Without said staycation, I wouldn’t have had the time needed to put this lovely little blog together.

Staycation Day #1:

Slept until after 12pm.  Then proceeded to bum around the apartment all day doing nothing.  Ok well not nothing, I did watch some TV.  Oh yeah and I baked some muffins.  The highlight of the day!  Vegan banana walnut chocolate muffins.  I had a hard time not eating the entire batch in one sitting.  After cleaning up the dishes my husband surprised me with a chunk of cash to go shopping and fully enjoy my staycation, which leads me to…

Staycation Day #2:


I began my day with a trip to the new Rego Center in Queens.  Century 21, Kohl’s and TJ Maxx all in one easy to access shopping center!  I was in heaven.  Kohl’s was having a sale so I stocked up on some jewelry, shoes and basics and then I headed off to Century 21 specifically to pick up a sweet zebra print cardigan I spotted there the weekend prior but didn’t buy that trip.  I was also on the hunt for a silver cocktail dress to wear to the multitude of weddings I have to attend this year and managed to find a nice BCGB number there for a third of the retail price. 

I later headed back to the ‘Burg and went to Beacon’s Closet.  There I scored a hot black and white striped sweater dress and some neon pink and black heels.  From there I took a quick trip on the L over to Union Square and checked out DSW for some new rain boots (it’s been pouring here the past week).

By the time I got home it was after 8 pm and I was exhausted.  When the hubby got home I modeled some of my new finds for him and we determined a few items didn’t really work on me and would have to be returned.  I also learned after getting the hubby’s honest opinion on my silver dress that I needed to go a size smaller, which means I’m now a size 4 (I was a size 8 back in January of this year)!   Which leads me to…

Staycation Day #3:

Time to head back to the Rego Center to exchange and return several items.  This time I took Portia with me in her special dog carrier.  It looks just like a purse so most people don’t even realize I have a dog in it.  It’s funny how even though employees at establishments see the dog, no one ever complains or asks me to leave being Portia is so freaking cute. 

After we finished up all our returns I called in a vegan pizza slice and buffalo wings order at Vinnie’s Pizza and I swung by to pick it up on the way back.  Being Vinnie’s is so close to the park Portia and I then spent some time at the dog park while I had my lunch and she had some time to run.  Granted, she didn’t really run much she instead sat and stared at my food but it was a good time nonetheless.  We stopped at District Dog by the park to get her more food, and to her delight they offer a wide variety of fresh-baked doggie goods.  I got her a doggie donut, and we then headed home to catch up on some DVR watching.  I had the NYC Housewives recap, the Top Chef Masters finale and a bunch of other stuff I had to catch up on.

Hubby got home early from work which worked out great, since I got to see him prior to getting all dolled up and heading into Manhattan to meet up with my bestie for dinner and drinks.  She had just gotten back from a trip from Barcelona and had a ton of stuff to update me on.  We went to Soy and Sake for dinner which if you are vegan like me and in the NYC area and have not tried it yet I highly recommend it.  The portions are huge!  After we stopped at an NYU area bar (whose name escapes me) and I was pleasantly surprised they had martinis that featured soy milk on their menu.  I had a Ginger Apricot Martini which was to die for!  Well worth the $11 I spent on it.  On the way home I started to feel a little under the weather with a headache, so I went promptly to bed and then…

Staycation Day #4:

I slept and slept and slept.  The hubby was awesome enough to take Portia out for her morning walk and in the process swung by Cafe Capri to pick me up an ice coffee to surprise me with.  Then he had to head off to work and I went crazy and totally cleaned the apartment.  Like crazy cleaning.  I even did laundry and some grocery shopping.  I had picked up some items to make a pasta dish I’ve been wanting to try that required a lot of prep work, and in the process totally botched up not only the roasted red pepper for a red pepper oil (which turned black, yuck) but also butchered the squash I had picked up to pan fry for the pasta.  Ooops!

After cleaning up the massacre scene known as my kitchen Portia and I took a walk over to see the hubby over at his job.  I had intended for it to be a quick trip thinking he got out at 9 pm but as an added bonus they closed at 7 Saturday’s instead, so Portia and I waited for him and when he was done we headed over to the Boulevard Tavern to enjoy a quick beer in their backyard.  One beer turned into two, and then we got hungry and ordered some more Vinnie’s Pizza (what can I say, I recently discovered they do vegan pizza so I’ve been somewhat obsessed).  All that pizza and beer made me sleepy so off to sleep early for me and then…

Staycation Day #5:

Woke up to our pain-in-the-you-know-what cat being all bratty and knocking down the puppy gate in our bedroom in a vain effort to get us to feed her more.  She’s 20 pounds so we’ve been trying to get her to lose some weight which has resulted in us just losing sleep.  This morning was my turn to get ice coffee so after my run out to Cafe Capri, both myself and the hubby just chillaxed.  Between chillaxing and more chillaxing, I started dinner in our crock pot.  Jamaican Red Bean Stew… yum!

One can only take so much chillaxing though before they get bored, so then we both got our lazy selves dressed and headed over to check out some yard sales in the area.  As soon as we got there, it started raining (go figure) so we then instead spent some time at the Meeker Avenue Flea Market where I got a cookbook, a new jacket and some other stuff. 

Dinner was ready and waiting for us when we got back and now here I am writing all this trying to get it done prior to the True Blood premier starting.  No better way to end my staycation than with some good ol’ HBO viewing pleasure. 

Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I was just getting used to a life of shopping and laziness.  Oh well.


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